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Cerveza Rrey

Kölsch Style Beer

Kölsch Style Beer

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Kölsch is a style from Cologne, Germany and it has been brewed since 874. The word Kölsch means “from Cologne” and is used as a word to describe the local dialect, making Kölsch the only language in the world you can drink! This beer has an exquisite balance and a pleasant flavor, making it the perfect beer pairing for carne asada, but feel free to explore pairings with your favorite dishes.

Beer Awards 🥇 

2nd Place Copa del Pacifico 2020

3er Place Cerveza Mexico 2019



Water: Mineralized like the water of Cologne Germany

Malts: German Pilsner and others specialty malts

Hops: Hallertauer

Yeast: The soul of the beer

Beer Profile 

SRM: 5

IBU: 20

Alc. Vol: 4.5%


Beer pairing

Carne Asada


Classic American burger


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